2348 Triangle Plastic Water Bottle (1100ml)

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? Unbreakable Plastic Water Bottle – 1100 ml ?

New designs, styles and vibrant eye-catching colours combined with innovation are what make storage products a popular choice. This water bottle set includes ergonomically designed bottles featuring an ergonomic design, these bottles are easy to hold, even for the kids.

This liquid-tight bottle ensures that your beverage does not leak when the bottle is in your bag. Plus, it also preserves the flavour of the beverage.

? Features

? Spill Proof, Food Grade & BPA Free

? Designed to fit into your refrigerator

? Tough & Durable

? Specifications

? 100-percent food grade and microwave safe

? Freezer safe and dishwasher safe

? B.P.A Free

? Color: Multicolour

? Material: High Quality Plastic (Polypropylene Grade- 5)

? Package Contents: 

1pc Water Bottle (1100 ml)

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